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    The programme business case (PBC) phase is where an in-depth understanding of the problems, opportunities and constraints that are proposed in the strategic case phase are developed and presented through evidence-based data, information collection and analysis. A PBC looks at alternatives and options development at a strategic level and recommends a preferred programme to address the strategic case phase.

    Applying key Business Case Approach (BCA) principles and behaviours helps to ensure that business cases are developed in a fit-for-purpose way that provides value for money. That is, doing the right thing in the right way, at the right time and place, and for the right cost. In particular, business case developers need to apply the principle of fit-for-purpose effort in this phase when building a specific and relevant evidence base for the proposed investment.

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    Programme business case (PBC)

    This webpage outlines the purpose of the PBC phase and its key actions. It also includes guidance about where activity management plans (AMPs) fit.


    The BCA principles and behaviours

    This information sheet outlines what the BCA principles and behaviours are, and how you should use them in developing your business cases.


    Critical thinking

    Critical thinking allows business case developers to consider less obvious, more creative ways to address a problem. This information sheet explains how and why to use critical thinking as part of the BCA.


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    PBC overview

    This online module introduces PBCs and the basics of developing a PBC, including how the BCA principles relate to the development process.


    PBC knowledge check

    Take this test to check your basic understanding of PBCs. You have three attempts to pass the required 80%.

    This module is currently under construction.

    Developing a PBC

    In this module, members of a Waka Kotahi project team tell the story of how they developed a challenging PBC.


    Demonstrating value in an activity management plan (AMP)

    An AMP is a key supporting document for councils seeking funding from the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). This module presents some examples that describe how the BCA principles apply to AMPs.


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    PBC: applying BCA capabilities

    This information sheet supports the online modules above. Read it to learn how to apply the BCA capabilities while developing your PBC.


    PBC: the workshops

    This information sheet, which supports the online modules above, outlines what the PBC workshops are for, how to prepare for them, and how to evaluate them.


    PBC and activity management plans

    This information sheet, which supports the online modules above, explains what an AMP is, and when it is appropriate to use an AMP or develop a separate PBC.


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    What does a good PBC include?

    Use this guide to check what content your PBC document should include.


    PBC example tool

    This tool presents an example of good practice in PBC development, including using fit-for-purpose effort and how to present information and analysis in your PBC. It is based on the Queenstown Integrated Transport Programme Business Case (QITPBC).


    QITPBC example

    The Queenstown Integrated Transport Programme Business Case (QITPBC) is a real-world business case that is used in the PBC example tool. It combines several studies, strategies and activities so that decision makers and a wider audience can clearly understand the case for change.


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    Planning and Investment Knowledge Base (PIKB)

    Read about the overarching principles and policies that apply across all planning and investment decisions.



    If your business case concerns infrastructure, you also need to consider any relevant technical requirements throughout your PBC.


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